mimi music – android app

Mimi Music

Made by Goodpatch

Goodpatch is a Product Studio in constant pursuit of creating design & products that move people's hearts.
The company has been helping businesses to design and develop digital products since 2011 – with studios in Tokyo, Berlin and Taipei.

As a Designer I'm part of this unique team in Berlin. Together with the client we crafted the Mimi Music Application for Android.

Personalize your Music

Mimi Music personalizes music to suit the needs of the users ears. The result is an unexpectedly full and clear sound. For those who can no longer experience some of the music due to hearing problems, Mimi brings back the lost frequencies.

We developed the Material Design applications to bring this experience to Android user.


Realized as a Designer at Goodpatch 2016
The Minimal Viable Product and first Launch was realized in a team of Product Owner, CTO, Android and Backend Developer and two Designers including me.